Richland County Children's Auxiliary
The New Store

Frequently Asked Questions About The New Store

How long has the Richland County Children’s Auxiliary (Auxiliary) and The New Store been around?

Is this “Coats for Kids”?

How do you do what you do?

Do you accept donations of used clothing?

Are you part of a national organization?

Where are you located?

Where are the people you serve at The New Store located? Will my dollars stay local?

How does a student qualify to attend The New Store? How many times can they attend?

What does a child receive when they come to The New Store?

Are you a United Way agency?

How can I make a financial contribution to The Richland County Children’s Auxiliary or The New Store?

How can I become a volunteer or get my organization involved with The New Store?

What else does the Richland County Children’s Auxiliary do?