Richland County Children's Auxiliary
The New Store

The New Store - How It Works

The New Store

Richland County Children’s Auxiliary is the only nonprofit organization in Richland County providing new clothes to school children who qualify. Here’s how we operate The New Store and help children in our community:


Raising Funds

The Richland County Children’s Auxilary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. We raise funds through grant writing, an annual fundraising letter, and fundraising events. Our donations are used to operate The New Store (as well as the Christmas Project and Backpack Project) and provide clothing at no cost to local qualifying school children.


Buying Clothes

Our volunteers shop for new clothing at area stores and love to find bargains. The New Store also has partnerships with organizations to receive free clothing. Our volunteers gather regularly to sort through the clothing and display them throughout our Store.



All of the children we serve are in kindergarten through eighth grade, and have been referred by their school principal, Harmony House, Friendly House, or Domestic Violence Shelter staff based on financial need. The New Store schedules appointments with the parents or guardians. We typically schedule 50+ children for each of our 15 “dressing days” throughout the school year.


Dressing Days

Dressing days are the highlight of our program. As the parents or guardians wait in our lobby, the children are brought in individually and assigned a volunteer. The volunteer helps them pick out clothes and mentors them as they go throughout the store. All clothing is tried on to ensure proper fit. The volunteer helps make the child feel special and enjoy a unique shopping experience. When they are finished, the child and volunteer show the parent/guardian what they have chosen.


Changing Lives

By wearing new and current clothes to school, kids can feel confident in their appearance, fit in with their peers, and be freed of some distractions to learning. We also hope that The New Store experience provides a wonderful memory and makes each child feel cared for and special.