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How to Apply for The New Store


  • Student must be enrolled in preschool through eighth grade
  • Student must attend any of the following school districts within Richland County: Mansfield City, Madison, Crestview, Lucas, Lexington, Ontario, Plymouth-Shiloh, Clearfork, or any charter and/or private schools within these districts
  • Student must be enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program, and/or be referred by the school principal or guidance counselor
  • Siblings in the same household meeting the above criteria can also receive assistance

Referral Process

  • When the school determines that a child meets the eligibility requirements, they should complete the “Student Referral” form, or have the parent complete it and return it to the school office. All eligible siblings in the home can be included on one form.
  • The principal must sign the form
  • The school sends the Student Referral form to The New Store, either by fax at (419) 529-6522 or e-mail:
  • The school provides the parent or guardian with an “Instructions for Parents or Guardians” sheet, so they know how to schedule an appointment
  • All Parents MUST call to schedule an appointment.

Dressing Day

  • The New Store is located at 890 West Fourth St. in Mansfield, inside the Mid-Ohio Conference Center. It is the old Kroger or E-City building, and is located next to StarTek.
  • The child must attend themselves, as they will be the ones selecting the clothing.
  • You are able to send your child to their appointment with another responsible adult, provided they bring the TANF application with them.
  • If you have lost the TANF form mailed to you, you will be able to complete one at The New Store. We do not need to see birth certificates or social security cards.
  • Your child will be paired with a responsible volunteer who will assist them with their “shopping”. This volunteer will introduce themselves to you and ask if you have any information on the child’s current size of clothing. It generally takes a child 45 minutes to an hour to complete their shopping. Oftentimes girls take longer! Please let us know if you have special time constraints.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Parents/guardians must ensure the Student Referral has been sent to The New Store first
  • Parents/guardians MUST call The New Store at (419)565-7505 to schedule an appointment date and time for your children. Leave a message if necessary and your call will be returned.
  • Parents/Guardians will receive a reminder notice in the mail 7-10 days prior to the appointment. The envelope will also include an Application for TANF Services, which the parent/guardian must complete and bring to the appointment. These forms require social security numbers and dates of birth for all household members.
  • Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-serve basis and you will be provided the soonest available date and time.

All students qualify to attend The New Store based on financial need. A child must be enrolled in the free lunch program at their school, which places their family income at 185% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. A student can attend The New Store twice during the course of a school year. If they attend in the fall at the start of the school year, they must wait until spring to return. For more information please visit our FAQ Page.

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